JL Designs is a document design and editing business. Typical projects include:

  • Marketing materials (flyers, brochures, postcards, show booth materials, etc.)
  • Business documents (evaluation forms, checklists, handbooks, invoices, etc.)
  • Product catalogs
  • Convention booklets
  • Company/client newsletters

Projects can range from long-term, repetitive assignments such as catalogs or newsletters to short, one-time pieces like a marketing flyer or brochure.

Use JL Designs to suit YOUR needs, whether you simply want a proofreader to take that final “look-through” for glaring grammatical errors, or you want materials created from scratch. That’s why JL Designs’ motto is: “No project too small!”

Being a small business, JL Designs provides FLEXIBILITY …

… in design: JL Designs will work with you from beginning to end, with constant communication and “preview drafts” of projects, so the end result is exactly what you want.

… in billing: Small, one-time projects typically are billed at an hourly rate, while long-term or repetitive projects may be billed at a flat “per project” rate.

… in communication: Most design and editing work can be accomplished efficiently via phone and e-mail. However,  in-person meetings and video chats are possible, as well.